Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening can remove stains on your teeth and make your teeth whiter!

Aloha Smiles Dental offers 3 different options for teeth whitening

  1. In office whitening-This is the fastest option to get teeth whitened. This treatment is performed start to finish in the dental office giving you powerful, professional results in about an hour.
  2. Custom tray whitening-This takes 2 visits to our office to get custom bleaching tray fabricated. Whitening gel can be placed on the custom tray and it is ideal for long term customized whitening.
  3. Disposable tray whitening-This comes in pre-filled disposable trays which you can use right out of the package.

Please consult your Doctor to see which option may be best fit for you!

Opalescence Boost – In Office Whitening System

Opalescence PF – Custom Take Home Tray Whitening System

Opalescence Go – Prefabricated Take Home Whitening System